Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And, then there are not so small days.

Putting on a show for the peanut gallery.

The month of January was tough for me.  At least when considering waves.  And top that off with lack of snow.  It was not that there was any lack of waves in January.  In fact, it was a stellar sort of mid winter month.  Mostly clear, light winds and a moderate swell running nearly daily.  Nothing huge, but a few bigger days here and there.  It was just that my timing was way off.  I had tripped planned to the Sierra and Florida during the best swell events.  My mornings are occupied with hanging with my son.  No complaints there.  And afternoons seemed to either have some weird breeze knocking things down, or if is did stay calm, it was less than chest high.  And on those days the wind kept me in town, it kept everyone else in town today.  For someone who often surfs with fewer than five people, a crowd of 40 is just wrong.

Some of the better ones came is single or double wave sets.  The peak was a long drawn out drop.

Setting it back a little, to make the most of that first section.

Other sets came through and just bull dozed the entire zone.

That does not mean that there were no waves for me.  I got plenty.  Just not enough.  My ideal day is a combination of me being on my game, plentiful decent overhead waves, and five smiles to share them with.  February started with one of those days.  OTOH, watching my son does give me plenty of opportunity to watch the surf.  I never really thought much of the Lane before.  Sure, the wave tends to be good.  And sometimes it is worth fighting for some.  But as a place to hang out.  Well, there are others.  But it is the perfect spot to let a little one run free, and snap some pictures of them, and a few of the waves.  Especially when there are waves.

Getting off the top of the point can be a bit of a challenge on big longer period swells

No one was bothering waiting for the inside of Middles.

Or the slot for that matter.

Trying to sneak inside of this one.

The bigger days are the best.  We have not had any huge days yet this year, but toward the end of the month we had a sizable Thursday.  A few bomber sets broke way out on Third Reef.  It almost looked like waves were breaking out in the middle of Monterey Bay.  No one was riding these bombe, mostly because they would merely be crumbling mountains that would reform and break out on 2nd.  The waves that slipped through and peaked here were the best ones.  Nice overhead drops.  Some lined up on the outside for a while.  Others were slow, waiting to stand up further inside.  They all looked fun.  Middle Peak had finally come to life.

Some waves just cleaned out the entire line up.

A few gems got picked off.

The guy way inside is probably happy he is not right under the peak.

Getting ready for this bomb to set up through the inside section.

It was one of those days that never got too crowded.  Only a few have the right boards and the right mind to paddle for these.  Most every one else were along other parts of the coast that don't focus quite so well.  The points and slabs of West Cliff were looking fun.  Cowell's had its crowd.  I am sure the east side was looking fun.  And crowded.  Especially as the tide dropped.  But at Middles, the crowd never got more that 15.  And you really only paddle out hoping for one or two of the good ones.

Looking way out the back at the small mountains of water coming in.

The wave through Indicators was wrapping and reeling in its own good way.

Some of the serious shooters were out talking shop on the rocks.

Turned out a pretty nice way to finish off the month.  Surf continues to bless us on the central coast.  It what is the worse snow year in (my) memory, is turning out to be a swell machine.  Plenty of moderate waves, with very little inclement weather to deal with.  Now, if I could just score a few of those off shore mornings, all would be well in surfland.