Friday, November 1, 2013

Small Days Can Be Fun, Too

September started off fairly decently, and all in all it was not a bad month of surf.  But after a few early storms, the NPAC pretty much backed off providing only minimal mid period surf from the north west.  As is typical, the SPAC was winding down, and pushed just a bit of back ground energy north.  While not epic, these swells would combo to offer up the diligent surfer a few waves running from thigh high to maybe a few head high days.  Due to the lack of awesomeness in the water, I rarely had my camera with me and only grabbed a few shots for the month.  But every time my son and I were hanging out by the water, it looked like it would fun to be out there.  And the days I did surf, for the most part, were plenty of fun.

With the outside and the inside breaking, but the Sidewalk silent, you have to wonder what kind of swell this is.

Then the Sidewalk breaks.  Small combo swells can be hard to find, but they often deliver.

Natural Bridges State Park offering up some limited fun surf.

Hoping around and making the most of the small surf.

I just love this sngle.  Driving toward the shallow part of the reef.

And the barrel section is a commitment.

Just north of town the surf is not breaking much bigger, but there is a bit more juice to it.

If you surf here, you know this guy, trying to get into the green room on another small day.

Winds across the top of the point, and fog in the distance.  Guess it is time for a slash.

The take off at the Slot on small days is right up against the cliff.

Cliff shot.

To the nay sayers of small surf, you must have forgotten how to just enjoy being out in the ocean.  Not this guy.

The long boarder here has no idea what is going on behind him.  For each their own.

Even the small days can throw a bit of water.  Working on that pop up is all important.

Small Middle Peak always has a bit of traffic around it.

But that left can be so much fun.